David Waite

Counsellor in South Manchester

I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and work to its ethical guidelines, so your confidentiality is paramount.

I offer integrative person-centred counselling to adults, young people, couples and families. That means that I am interested in you as a person, and that I will use whatever knowledge and experience I have gained over the years to help you on your journey towards finding peace and enjoyment in your life.

My Experience

I am a retiree from a different profession, one which required me to be pragmatic and successful.  I do this work now because I get immense pleasure from seeing people getting better, especially when I am the catalyst in that process.

My qualifications indicate my training and life experience, but my most important gift is to listen to your story and to be with you in your concerns.

I have found that some of the training and methods employed in this profession lack some of the practical approaches I had been applying throughout my previous career. My sole purpose is your well-being.


  • MSc in Counselling Psychology from Keele University
  • Dip BA Manchester Business School
  • BSc Hons Imperial College
  • Certificate in Couples Counselling
  • Certificate in Working with Families
  • Certificate in Working with Children and Young People
  • Certificate in Counselling Assessment
  • Certificate in Supervision


  • BACP – The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy


  • Therapy Today, June 2015 – Circle Diagram.
  • Thresholds, Winter 2014 – It’s God’s Job to do The Ripples.
  • Thresholds, Spring 2016- The Sound of Silence.


Because my therapy is about people and not pathology, I help clients manage a wide range of issues:

Anxiety, Depression, Work related stress, Suicidal thoughts, Addictions, Bereavement, Separation/divorce, Loss of any sort, Bullying, Anger, Abuse of any sort, Domestic violence, Aggression, Self-harm, Low self-confidence, Personality disorders, Post-traumatic-stress disorder, Post psychotic conditions, Relationship problems, Toxic relationships, Spirituality, Religious issues, Sexual issues including transgender, Trauma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypersensitivity, over-medication, Asperger’s support and more. I have a particular interest in the Autistic Spectrum and how that might appear in abusive relationships.


I have developed Soul Centred Counselling, a method which seeks change at cognitive, emotional, and spiritual levels and then measures the results to indicate how successful it has been. It recognises that, in the same way as the body a powerful means of self-healing built within it, the psyche does too. Our common aim is to discover and enliven that healing process. We are what others have made us, so we will look at causality rather than blame. I have written a book to describe this in words which are accessible to anyone, not just to therapists. ‘So Now I Get it’ is due out later this year.


I aim to make myself available to my clients at times which suit them best.

My Clinics

South Manchester Clinic
Altrincham, Greater Manchester
WA15 7RS

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