Heidi Ashley

Counselling Psychologist

I’m Heidi, an experienced psychologist. I work passionately to help adult clients overcome their problems and enjoy their lives.

If your problem’s been bothering you for a while, didn’t really shift when you tried therapy before, or returned once therapy ended, you shouldn’t feel disheartened. My greatest joy and satisfaction is helping clients like you to finally get unstuck and find freedom.

I work with people who are tired of feeling trapped by the past. They want to move past painful experiences and stop repeating patterns that don’t work for them. Clients who work with me have usually struggled for some time. Many have been in therapy before.

I help people get more from therapy than simply learning to manage their problem better. We’ll address the past hurts and childhood experiences that contribute to difficulties in your life and relationships.

It is possible to get so much more from therapy than simply insight or better coping skills. Your difficulties don’t need to keep overshadowing your life. All humans are hardwired to heal and to grow, and you are no exception.



My Experience

I’m an active therapist: I don’t sit back in silence as the clock ticks! I have 20 years of experience offering highly-specialist psychological therapies in the NHS across a variety of services. I have helped clients overcome mild and severe and enduring issues. I work with adult clients (aged over 21). I love being a schema therapist and am always learning so that I can help my clients more effectively. My style is warm and involved and I’m skilled in many strategies that help bring about meaningful change.

I work with adults whose problems stem from painful experiences in childhood. I help you overcome these by;
– building your awareness and understanding
– actively processing old emotion
– helping you break free from problematic behaviour patterns


  • BSc (First class honours) in Psychology (University of Stirling, 2000)
  • Postgraduate diploma in Counselling (University of Strathclyde, 2001)
  • PsychD in Counselling and Psychotherapy Counselling (University of Surrey, 2005)
  • Advanced-level schema therapist (certified by Interbational Society of Schema Therapy, 2012)
  • Certified schema therapy trainer and supervisor (International Society of Schema Therapy, 2020)


  • HCPC – The Health and Care Professions Council: PYL02034
  • Certified by and full membership of International Society of Schema Therapy


I help with a range of difficulties such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem or low self-confidence. Lots of people reach out to me because their life feels empty and dissatisfying.

I specialise in helping people overcome complex trauma, childhood trauma, childhood emotional abuse and childhood emotional neglect (CEN). Painful childhood experiences are at the heart of many problems.

Another specialism is providing personal therapy to psychologists and other therapists, which I have been doing since the start of my private practice.


I use schema therapy, a leading, evidence-based therapy, to help you overcome the barriers to feeling so much better. Schema therapy is especially good at unpicking long-term problems, or problems that haven’t responded well to other forms of therapy. It helps with a wide range of issues.

Schema therapy roots out and targets core emotional themes (called “schemas”) that often sit behind repeating life patterns, like people-pleasing, feeling disconnected from life, or overworking. Untreated schemas can keep problems going for years – even whole lifetimes.

My training guides me to your core themes, then we get to work together to deal with them. Schema therapy is active and structured, but also works at depth. This is why schema therapy can often break down even long-term or tricky issues.


I work in-person from Glasgow, and online, during office hours. I provide a free initial screening call to explore mutual fit. Please reach out to me about my current availability. I welcome emails and enquiries. You’ve been struggling on your own for long enough. I’d like to hear from you and help you find a way out.

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